We keep it simple and flexible

One-time purchases and no long-term contracts


InBloom Free

  • Track 200 pieces of inventory
  • Track 200 consignors/buyers
  • Write sales
  • Pay consignors
  • Print tags, statements, receipts, etc.

  • Use printout templates
  • Forum-based support only
  • No built-in PDF support
  • No networking
  • No iPhone & iPad app connectivity
  • Comes with the Lite database engine

InBloom Pro

$ 695
  • Track unlimited pieces of inventory
  • Track unlimited consignors/buyers
  • Write sales
  • Pay consignors
  • Print tags, statements, receipts, etc.

  • Customize all printouts
  • 2 months free support
  • Email PDF receipts & documents
  • Network with multiple computers
  • Use free iPhone & iPad apps
  • Comes with FileMaker Pro 13

(You can upgrade from Lite to Pro at anytime after you’ve purchased)

What is FileMaker and why do I need it?

FileMaker Pro is the software that runs the InBloom code.  It is the #1 desktop database in the world and FileMaker Inc, is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.  It is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod, and iPad.  It’s typically available for sale from Apple Stores, Amazon.com, and direct from FileMaker.com.  We include FileMaker Pro 12 as part of the InBloom Pro license so you have one simple purchase to make for your software.

InBloom Lite comes bundled with a smaller “runtime” version of FileMaker Pro.  This runtime lets you run InBloom in every capacity except for networking between multiple devices, exporting to PDFs, doing nerdy coding, and fully customizing the layout and look of printing templates.

InBloom Pro comes bundled with a full copy of FileMaker Pro 12.  This lets you share your data over a wifi or wired network to computers & iPads/iPhones/iPods, export to PDF, customize the templates, and more.  Each additional license you purchase of InBloom gives you an additional license of FileMaker Pro 12.

v3 Lite to Pro upgrade


Upgrade at anytime.  The upgrade gives you built-in PDFs, printout customization, and more.

Support & Maintenance

$35 month

After your first 2 months, telephone and remote login support is extra.  Email support is always free.  Learn more.

QuickBooks Syncing


You can sync checks for consignors to the PC version of QuickBooks using this add-on.  Learn more


It’s easy to purchase additional licenses for your system as your business grows beyond the free iOS apps.  You’ll need to use InBloom Pro.  Each additional purchase includes a copy of FileMaker Pro 12 for use with InBloom.  If you already have FileMaker 12, you can purchase the unbundled additional licenses for deeper savings.

Add'l Licenses w/o FileMaker

Connect up to 9 additional computers.  This does NOT include FileMaker Pro 12.

Frequent Questions

What's the difference between InBloom Lite & Pro?

InBloom Lite & Pro are nearly the same in functionally.  The only major differences are the ability to generate PDFs, the ability to share the data in realtime between multiple computers, the ability to fully customize printouts down to the pixel, and the ability to use the free iPhone and iPad apps to view and share data in InBloom.  InBloom Pro gets these capabilities through FileMaker Pro, thus each purchase of InBloom Pro also includes a unique copy of FileMaker Pro 12 for Mac & PC.

Are there iPhone & iPad apps for InBloom?

Yes!  With version 3 of InBloom (Pro), we have worked hard to bring free iPhone and iPad apps that let you view and edit your data easily.  Note: Currently, the apps require the iPhone or iPad to be on the same network as your primary copy of InBloom.  If you’re outside of the network, you may need the help of an IT person to setup a Static IP address and port -forwarding to allow your iPhone and iPad to see InBloom from anywhere in the world.

Can I upgrade from Lite to Pro at anytime?

Yes!  Upgrading is simple and easy.  Just purchase the InBloom upgrade through our webstore and you’ll receive email instructions along with download links for the upgrade software.  You won’t have to do any re-importing or migrating of your data, you just need to install FileMaker Pro and InBloom will begin using FileMaker to power the Pro version of the software.

Can I switch between Mac & PC?

Yes!  Your licenses let you use Mac or PC in whichever combination you prefer.  Want to have a back office PC with Mac checkout stations?  Your licenses grant you the ability to choose whichever platform you prefer.  That means you can run a blend of platforms at your business, if you prefer.

Are there differences between the Mac & PC version?

InBloom is fully cross-platform.  The only limitation on the Mac side is syncing with QuickBooks as the official method to communicate with a QuickBooks file is through PC-only libraries.  All other features are Mac & PC compatible.

What if I own FileMaker Pro 12 already?

Then you can get started with InBloom Lite!  Lite has all the files needed to run with FileMaker.  If you already have multiple copies of FileMaker 12 and plan on purchasing multiple users for InBloom, contact us ahead of time (support [at] inbloomsoftware.com) to receive a revised quote

Is InBloom cloud-based? Do I own my data?

InBloom is stored entirely on your own computers.  You own your data and it is never broadcast or sent to any remote servers, unless you specify otherwise.  You can specify a secondary backup location within InBloom, that can backup to remote servers, to ensure that in the event of a hard-drive crash, your data is safe.

How many computers and iOS devices can I connect to InBloom

InBloom Pro can support nine additional computers or devices connected simultaneously to your primary InBloom workstation.  Connecting additional computers requires a license for each computer.  Please note that using the free iPhone and iPad apps does not require additional licenses, but they do count against the 9 additional user limit.

If you have more than 10 devices, you can use InBloom with FileMaker Server 12 to share your data with up to 250 devices.  For unlimited devices, you’ll need FileMaker Server Advanced. Email us for a quote for such a setup.

Sample InBloom Pricing

Example 1: If you are have a store with two computers, one for checkout and one for backoffice & inventory use, you will need one InBloom Pro license ($695) + one additional user license ($395).  You will be able to connect an additional 8 iPhones / iPads / iPods (for free) to access your data in-store.


Example 2: You purchase only InBloom Lite ($495) and after a year of booming business, you increase your store size and need 2 more computers.  You can purchase the Lite to Pro Upgrade ($200) and purchase two additional user licenses ($395 x 2 = $790).  You will be able to connect an additional 7 iPhones / iPads / iPods (for free) to access your data in-store.