Dymo Postage Label Printer

Many thanks to the InBloom-er that passed this link on for the heavily discounted but still the latest model of Dymo which prints to large format 4×6 shipping labels.  The printer is normally $249 but is $129 at Dymo.com

One thought on “Dymo Postage Label Printer

  1. This printer has MS Office iagrtention, and I can add images, borders, bar codes, etc. to it. Or at least I think so. But the way I’m using it now, I plug it in, run the autorun software (unfortunately I have to browse files to get there), and type away in the quick pop up. I stop the device as I would a USB flash drive, and power it down.This printer can print on up to 2.4 wide tape, which should be sufficient for my needs. I expect to only use 1.1 and maybe 1/2 tapes in the foreseeable future.The Epson label maker was $35 when I checked the other day (now $29), but I didn’t want to have to fuss with a tiny keypad and small label sizes.In the past I printed addresses right to envelopes on my inkjet all-in-one, but it’s not exactly a quick or effortless process.

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