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Simple software to run your consignment-based business, easily and beautifully.

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Manage Inventory

Organize and easily track your inventory, when it came in, when it should be returned to consignors, who consigned the inventory, consignor commissions, buying inventory outright, and more.


Track Buyers & Consignors

Keep a permanent record of the people you do business with. Track both buyers & consignors in one easy form, with their purchase history, store credit, checks issued, and more.

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Write Sales

Use InBloom as a dedicated point of sale to write invoices for customers and generate sales receipts. You can save paper and email receipts as well.

Learn more about writing sales

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One-click Dashboard

Take the pulse of your business in one click.  The Dashboard tells you sales figures in an instant and can filter days by the current day, week, month, and more.

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More power and simplicity than ever.

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Search Everywhere

Use InBloom’s powerful inventory search functionality or use Find Mode to search for any criteria in any part of the program.

Beautiful Printing

InBloom has beautiful templates built-in for price tags, consignor contracts, sales receipts, and more; but you can customize all of it, down to the pixel.


Connect InBloom to cash drawers, receipt printers, tag printers, and barcode scanners easily.

Auto-Suggest Prices

You can use common keywords to search the history prices and see an average of sales figures for your business to help you better understand how to price items in your store.

Manage Security

InBloom is password protected and you can set different password and access levels for different employees, ensuring your confidential information remains confidential.

Mac, PC, or both

InBloom can run on both Macs and PCs.  You can share data in real time between your back office PC and your sales front Mac.