It’s finally here!

After much ado, InBloom 3.0 is here and ready.  Feel free to download a trial and take it for a spin.

3 thoughts on “It’s finally here!

  1. Hello. Congratulations on your enormous effort! What about the people who bought just as recently as last October and are running a buggy v.2.1? Do we get an update that actually works? What happens if we bought the FileMaker Pro 12 and a multi user license before? Do we have to pay full price for the new version?
    Personally, I would like an update that works with the current system and FMP11!!! Thank you Denis

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for the congrats. Your copy of 2.1 was updated to 2.3 a month or two ago which should have fixed all the bugs. You get absolutely get a free upgrade to this, I’m finishing up the email to all existing customers and you should be getting it in a day or so.

      Be in touch soon – cheers!

  2. My question is if I were to purchase your software will it be compatible with my “resale world” label printer?

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